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All Measured or Weighed Competitions

There will be no cash prizes for the 2020 fair, only the trophies will be awarded.
The first three places in each competition will receive a certificate.

All produce will need to be brought to A & NJ Turner & Sons, Croft House Farm, Hasse Road, Soham 9.30-11.30am on 26th September
for weighing or measuring.

Please let us know if assistance is required with taking entries to this out-of-town location.

Group Class 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
1 Soham 16+ Male Lawrence Cup
2 Soham 16+ Female Bavester Cup
3 Soham Village College Students Bert Peacock Memorial Shield
4 The Weatheralls Pupils Ryder Trophy
5 St Andrews Pupils Ron Manning Memorial Cup
6 The Shade Pupils Border Farm Timber Trophy
7 Soham Children Under 16 attending schools outside Soham
8 Soham Pre-School Children
9 Heaviest Pumpkin grown by
2nd Soham Scout Group
Scout Pumpkin Shield
Heaviest Pumpkin grown by Soham Child (Groups 3-9) wins the Murfitt Cup
10 Heaviest Pumpkin grown by
Non-Soham Resident (Child under 16)
Shropshire Cup
11 Heaviest Pumpkin grown by
Non-Soham Resident (Adult)
Boyce Cup
12 Heaviest Pumpkin grown in East Anglia Williams East Anglian Cup
13 Biggest sunflower head grown by under 16s The Manning Cup
14 Biggest sunflower head grown by an adult
Biggest from groups 13 and 14 will win The TSB Cup
15 Tallest sunflower grown by an under 16s The Knott Trophy
16 Tallest sunflower grown by an adult
17 Tallest sunflower grown by Soham 2nd Scout Group The Scout Sunflower Shield
Tallest from groups 15, 16 and 17 will win The Digital Trophy
18 Heaviest Potato (unwashed)
19 Longest Leek (without roots)
21 Heaviest Marrow grown by a child S.B.A. Cup
22 Heaviest Marrow grown by an adult
23 Longest Carrot (Excluding Green Top)
grown by anyone
24 Heaviest Tomato grown by anyone
25 Longest Runner bean grown by a child
26 Longest runner bean grown by an adult
27 Heaviest Onion grown by anyone Eric See Cup
28 Heaviest Sugar Beet grown by anyone
(sponsored by Peter Cox)
Albert Cox Cup

All children entering any of the pumpkin groups will be entered into a raffle to win £10 courtesy of Maudie Manning (in memory of Reg Rogerson)

Click here to download an entry form

Complete it and bring it along to the weighing with your entry
Additionally, if you can, please email a copy to us at before 11am on 26th September.

Have you any suggestions for new competitions? Let us know at the address below and we will try to include them in next years show.

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