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Indoor Competitions

Group Class 1st Prize
A Scouts Scout Cup
B Cubs Cub Trophy
C Beavers Beaver Trophy
D Soham Brigade - Junior & Senior Boys Brigade Cups
Women’s Institute W.I. Trophy
F Guides Guide Shield
G Brownies Brownie Shield
H Rainbows Rainbow Cup
Group Class 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
I Decorated Victoria Sponge Cake
(Foundation & KS1)
£3 £2 £1
J Decorated Victoria Sponge Cake (KS2) £3 £2 £1
K Decorated Victoria Sponge Cake (Age 12 to Adult) £3 £2 £1
Engineering Model
To be built with Meccano, Lego, Knex or similar. Must be Home-made (No commercial kits) to fit within a 40cm square.
(Sponsored by Standens Engineering Ltd.)
£25 +
Tony Brown Memorial Trophy
£10 £5
Shoe Box Diorama
Build your own scene using elements (or similar) found at
£3 £2 £1
N Colour A Picture (Foundation and KS1)
(Sponsored by Soham Books) Download your
colouring picture from
£12 Book Token £8 Book Token £5 Book Token
Poetry (KS2) (Sponsored by Heffers)
£15 Book Token £10 Book Token £5 Book Token
Poetry (Adults) (Sponsored by Soham Books)
£15 Book Token £10 Book Token £5 Book Token
Groups I to P must be presented on the theme of
’20 Years of Harry Potter’
Q Largest Bloom of any flower (excl.
£3 £2 £1
R Cut Flowers: 5 stems of any of your home grown blooms £3 £2 £1
S Floral Arrangement: A table arrangement on the required theme £3 £2 £1
T* Farm and Garden Produce Sculpture: For Children only £3 + Graham Rowley Cup £2 £1
U Funniest Shaped Vegetable
No Painting, alteration or accessories are permitted.
£3 £2 £1
*Decorate with fruit and/or veg. Minimal props and accessories accepted.
V Pumpkin Bread of your choice
(Written Recipe to be included)
£3 £2 £1
W A jam of your choice
(Written recipe to be included)
£3 £2 £1
X A chutney of your choice
(Written recipe to be included)
£3 £2 £1
Y Needlecraft, Sewing, Knitting or
Crochet of your choice, but on the
required theme.
£3 £2 £1
Z Under 16: Hand Drawn Design for the Front Cover of Next Year's Brochure. The Alpha Trophy
Groups S, T and Y must be presented on the theme
’20 Years of Harry Potter’

Click here to download an entry form

Complete it and bring it along to the show with your entry

Have you any suggestions for new competitions? Let us know at the address below and we will try to include them in next years show.

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