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Sunflower Competitions

Group Class 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
13 Biggest sunflower head grown by under 8s £3 £2 £1
14 Biggest sunflower head grown by ages 8-16 £3 £2 £1
15 Biggest sunflower head grown by an adult £3 £2 £1
Biggest from groups 13 and 14 will win The Manning Cup

Biggest from groups 13,14 and 15 will win The TSB Cup
16 Tallest sunflower grown by under 8s £3 £2 £1
17 Tallest sunflower grown by ages 8-16 £3 £2 £1
18 Tallest sunflower grown by an adult £3 £2 £1
19 Tallest sunflower grown by 2nd Soham Scout Scout Sunflower Shield
Tallest from groups 16 and 17 will win The Knott Trophy

Tallest from groups 16,17 and 18 will win The Digital Trophy

Children's sunflower groups sponsored by Pooley, Bendall & Watson

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Complete it and bring it along to the show with your entry

Have you any suggestions for new competitions? Let us know at the address below and we will try to include them in next years show.

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